Comfy (4")


Comfy - Best Firm Mattress in India

Comfy is the quintessential firm mattress with subtle feedback.

Comfy is a single layer basic mattress, ideal for people who like firmer surfaces to sleep on. It has gentle feedback and so despite being on the firmer side, does not feel harsh at all.

An excellent choice for stomach-sleepers.


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Magnet Therapy

5 year Warranty

30 Nights Trial

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  • Breathable Fabric so you don't sleep hot. Your mattress needs to breathe too​
  • 1" High Resilience (Tensile Strength) foam offers a firm feel, and yet provides a very gentle push-back.
  • Neodymium rare-earth magnets places across the surface of the mattress​
  • 34" High Resilience (HR) 32 Density Tensile Strength Foam as Base Layer for support

Why buy ImpéReal Comfy?​

Comy is a firm mattress that will provide you great support, offering a very negligible feedback, ideal for stomach-sleepers. Magnets carefully and meticulously placed between the foam layers ensure a positive magnetic field on the bed, and simulate better blood circulation.

Best Quality Foams

The core of a good mattress is a good quality foam base, and a supportive comfort layer. We use only the best quality foams in our mattresses.

Breathable Fabric

The outer cover is zippered, and hence removable and washable. The fabric breathes well and allows you to sleep cooler. Inner foam protected with another cover.

Magnet Layer

We have embraced the holistic healing properties of magnets and have infused rare-earth Neodymium magnets in our foam layers.

We listen

We listen to what our consumers have to say, what their needs are, match their needs with our supplies, and develop products that reflect our consumers' preferences.

Comfy (4") - Mattress in a Box

ImpéReal Comfy comes compressed, rolled, vacuum-packed, and in a box. Easy to order, receive, setup, and easy on your pocket.

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