Best Memory Pillow Contoured in 2020 (Fast Shipping)


Made from the best memory foam

Unlike puffed pillow, contour pillows are molded in such a fashion as to support a higher/lower neck/head position. A must-have for people suffering from cervical aches and ailments.

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1 year Warranty

Free Shipping

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Excellent Quality


Why buy ImpéReal Pillows?

Best Quality Material

We use excellent quality material in our pillows. The premium quality filler ensures your pillow doesn't lose shape after prolonged use.

Breathable Fabric

Quilted fabric goes into the making of our pillows. The fabric breathes well and allows you to sleep cooler.

Customised Pillows

We can provide customised pillows to suit the level of softness, firmness, or height needed. Please contact us for details.

We listen

We listen to what our consumers have to say, and develop products that reflect our consumers' preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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